What is Dictando.com?

Dictando is an online portal where to find dictations of levels from A1 to B1 according to the CEFR in different languages to practice our proficiency of a language. Also, to be up to date on all our updates follow us on twitter, facebook or join our group on facebook. You can find our Podcasts on iVoox Spanish, iVoox Catalan, iVoox English.

Watch out for our new dictations, we upload new content weekly!

Why do dictations?

Doing dictations is a very good way for knowledge of a language you are learning to take hold as you have to pay attention through the listening, understand the content and write it down. It is a type of learning exercise that will help improve listening and reading skills as much as writing skills. Furthermore, in the vocabulary section you will find the definitions of the most difficult words. Consequently, new concepts will be easier to grasp. doing dictations one can improve the linguistic skills considerably.

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