The origins of the English language - Dictado Inglés B1

“The Origins of The English Language” Dictation English B1

By Elizabeth Ugalde

Dictation “The Origins of The English Language”

English originates from Old English, which is its earliest historical form from the 5th century. There was no punctuation until the 15th century. The oldest Old English word still used today that has the same direct meaning is town.  Town has kept the same meaning as its original Old English word “tun” meaning area of dwelling.

Steffanie Zazulak, Fascinating  Facts, Pearson.


Below you will find the most important words from the dictation above concerning the corresponding level:

  • Historical: adjective, Related to events or people in the past, or the study of History.
  • Town: noun.  A place where people live and work, usually larger than a village but smaller than a city:
  • Centrury: noun.  A period of a 100 years, especially used in giving dates
  • Until: preposition, conjuction.  Continuing to happen before a particular time or  event and then stopping.
  • Still: adverb. Used to say that something is continuing  to happen now or that someone is continuing to do something now:
  • Dwelling: noun. A house or place to live in.

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